I was told by a mentor and teacher that there are two types of artists; natural and learned.  It has taken me a lifetime to learn that I am a natural artist. The kind that picks up things and thinks, "I wonder what this will do."  I mix my own paints and add different additives or mediums to create different viscosity and pour it onto the canvas. I use a blow torch, forks, straws, paintbrushes, fingers...whatever is handy.  I'm intrigued by what materials do when they organically repel instead of blend.  

I'm fascinated by the organic beauty in nature.  Most often my inspiration comes from water.  A simple ripple in still water or waves crashing violently hold the most beautiful secrets created by gravity or the pull of the moon.  It has a spiritual element that tugs at my soul.  I am protective of our finite fresh, clean water and am grateful for the time I've spent in beautiful, inspiring places like, the California coast, Montreal, Italy, Greece, Switzerland and the stunning GA waterfalls. 

You can also find me gazing at astronomy images of distant galaxies and solar systems.  Music also inspires me to be creative.  It can put me in a mood that I associate with colors.  Deep, vibrant colors full of passion and molten emotion.  I like my pieces to look organic.  I also like my artwork to have complexities that take you years to see yet a moment to feel.  

I find it interesting what others see in my pieces. I often learn as much about them as they do of me. I hope you like the end product as much as I enjoyed creating it.